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Security Equipment And Electronic Systems

Advanced Electronic Security Systems

Our security system design solutions include the following:

  • Fire Alarm

Protect your property, employees, and customers from the devastating effects of fire. Our systems are designed to quickly detect and alert individuals. By installing fire alarm systems, you can comply with building regulations, allowing you to focus on your operations with peace of mind.

Smoke and heat detectors are two common types of fire alarm devices that find out fires in their early stages when they are still manageable. By detecting fires early, fire alarm systems can help prevent injuries and reduce damage.

  • Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV)

This is by far one of the best and most important tools when it comes to electronic security systems. We install cameras in visible places to warn visitors against doing unwanted practices. Furthermore, we also install hidden cameras to tighten security and expand the line of vision.

  • Access Control System

Benefit from improved security, increased convenience, and reduced operational costs. The access security system design regulates and restricts access to physical spaces, providing secure and convenient access to authorised individuals.

Diamond Security offers access control system services that include design, installation, and maintenance. Our systems are computer-programmed, making it easier to manage data and create schedules.

  • Intrusion Systems

Reduce any financial loss or property damage with our intrusion system solutions. They are designed to detect and prevent unauthorised entry into your premises.

We offer a range of detectors, including vibration and glass break detectors, that are linked to our CCTV and access control systems. This integrated approach ensures that any intrusion attempt is quickly detected and appropriate action can be taken to prevent further unwanted access.